Palmitoylethanolamide tegen artrose en andere pijnen door spinale stenose

Ook mensen in de USA gebruiken PEA en hebben er baat bij.  Hier een rapportage:

Ik ben het algemeen vrij sceptisch. Ik gebruik vitamine supplementen elke dag. Ik ben begonnen met het nieuwe supplement en kon binnen een paar dagen aangeven dat de pijn verminderd was. Binnen een week kon ik in plaats van drie twee capsules nemen. Ik heb veel pijn problemen door artrose en ontstekingen aan vele gewrichten naast een spinale stenose. PEA helpt op alle gebieden:

I am a big skeptic but decided to try this. I take vitamins and supplements every day. They help support everything and helps to replace certain vitamins that get depleted as we age. Anyway, after just a couple of days I could tell a big difference in my pain level. Kind of crazy! I have been taking this for only a week. I have actually been able to decrease what I take for pain from three times per day to two!!

I have a couple of issues that cause constant chronic/acute pain. I also have arthritis in my hands, wrists, neck and knees. The inflammation in the joints in my hands have gone down. The pain where I have arthritis has gotten a lot better.

I have Spinal Stenosis, which this has helped with!!!

Of course, I read up on and researched PEA before ordering this. With no side effects and what I read I figured what would it hurt to try. I will be going on auto-delivery with my next order.

My doctors have always been happy with the vitamins/minerals that I take. I wonder why not one of them (pcp, rheumy, neurologist, internist) have never mentioned this. Don’t be afraid to try this.

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