Palmitoylethanolamide can reduce opioid use

A patient informed us:

During my years on Morphine, I took 2 capsules PEA a day for results similar to taking anti-inflammatory drugs.

Now that I’ve been clean of Morphine for almost 9 months, I’m able to better assess how to live with chronic pain. Because of the fusion of vertebra, I cannot have nerve root injections in the S1/L5 space. Panadene Forte has little or no effect on pain levels. PEA takes a few weeks to build up its effect but using the cream several times a day during this period helped me.

There is also a Palmitoylethanolamide cream that works temporarily if you apply it to source of pain. Get it at the same place but be aware that neither product is cheap stuff.

As for it working or not… I’m no Doctor but I am aware of what I take for pain control and what works for me. My original surgery was a lamenectomy to stop sciatica. I had for many years used anti-inflammatory drugs. They never quite stopped the pain. Spinal injections by a self styled pain control GP had some effect but it never lasted very long. I’ve formed the opinion now that there are two types of back pain. One is as a result of inflammation usually caused by narrowing of discs (slipped disk) and the other is just plain old back pain that can be treated with pain killers.

Anyone intending to ‘try’ PEA needs to be aware that it has the most effect where inflammatory pain is present. It is not in my opinion a ‘pain killer’ and it costs some serious money to keep buying it.

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